GC-MS Databases

Shimadzu offers a wide variety of databases for GC-MS and GC-MS/MS.

Py-Screener Ver.2

Py-Screener™ Ver. 2 is designed to screen for brominated flame retardants, such as PBBs and PBDEs, and phthalate esters in polymers. These substances are regulated under the Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS (II) Directive) in Europe. The pyrolyzer GC/MS (Py-GC/MS) is used to selectively detect and quantify these restricted substances thermally extracted from samples. This screening system consists of a sampling toolkit, special standards, and special software and can be easily operated even by novices. read more

Smart Pesticides Database

Smart Pesticides Database Ver. 2 is a residual pesticides database for GC-MS/MS Analysis, which supports the creation of methods for MRM and SIM mode analysis of residual pesticides in foods. read more

Smart Forensic Database

Smart Forensic Database Ver. 2 supports the creation of MRM methods for forensic toxicological substances. read more

Smart Metabolites Database™ Ver.2

The Smart Metabolites Database™ is a GC-MS(/MS) database that contains the information needed for analyzing metabolic compounds. Ver. 2 contains an additional number of registered compounds, focusing on plant secondary metabolites, such as catechins and chlorogenic acids, that are garnering interest as functional compounds, for more expansive analysis of food samples. In total, the Smart Metabolites Database Ver. 2 enables simultaneous analysis of more than 600 compounds, making it a powerful tool for marker discovery in metabolomics analysis.

The database also offers dedicated methods for fatty acids and sugars and provides total support for metabolic compound analysis. read more

GC/MS Residual Pesticides Database Ver.2

GC/MS Residual Pesticides Database Ver. 2 is a GC-MS(/MS) analysis database pre-registered with calibration curves created using pesticide surrogates as internal standard substances. This allows for quick residual pesticide screening without the use of pesticide standard samples. The number of pesticides that can be analyzed in MRM mode is 491. Database customization has also been added. read more

GC/MS Forensic Toxicological Database

The GC/MS Forensic Toxicological Database contains information for the simultaneous screening of toxicological substances including drugs of abuse, psychotropic drugs, medical drugs and pesticides. Version 2 adds 1198 compounds to the previous version for a total of 2210 compounds in the database. It also includes optimized methods for headspace analysis of alcohol and volatile toxic substances such as cyanides and azides, providing total support for GC/MS toxicology analysis. read more

Smart Environmental Database

The Smart Environmental Database supports the creation of MRM methods for environmental pollutants. read more

GC/MS Method Package Ver.2 for Residual Pesticides in Foods

The method files contained in this package are pre-registered with optimized analytical conditions and compound information, allowing users to start analysis of multiple component samples without having to perform troublesome tasks. Also, information for 542 pesticides that can be batch-analyzed in accordance with the Positive List System is pre-registered. read more

Quick-DB Forensic

Quick-DB Forensic is a GC/MS/MS database for forensic toxicological analysis that includes information for the sample preparation analysis and data processing of 68 toxicological drug components common in toxicology cases. read more

Polymer Additives Library

The analysis of additives contained in polymer materials is essential for managing and improving the quality of these materials, and for complying with regulations dealing with chemical substances. The Polymer Additives Library is a GCMS mass spectral library containing information on a wide range of additives utilized in polymer materials. read more

Smart Aroma Database™

Information on more than 500 compounds that contribute to the aroma is registered in Smart Aroma Database™, enabling the objective evaluation and analysis of aroma compounds using GC-MS(/MS). read more

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