Nexera Mikros

Supporting Micro Flowrate Range LCMS System

The Nexera Mikros is a Microflow Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry system that provides the high sensitivity you expect from a low flow system with the ruggedness of HPLC covering the complete range from micro to semi-micro.

Improvement in the sensitivity of an LC/MS/MS method can generally be achieved by reducing the analytical scale of the analysis. However, reducing the analytical scale significantly to nano-flow reduces the throughput, stability, and robustness as a trade-off for greater sensitivity. Nexera Mikros, a Shimadzu microflow LC/MS system, offers a balanced solution to increased sensitivity with less compromise to throughput and robustness, using flow rates from 1 to 500 μL/min and column I.D. from 0.1 to 1 mm. It achieves stable and sensitive quantitative analysis through robust performance of microflow solvent delivery, optimized ion source design, the unique UF-Link column connection, and system variety that supports a wide range of applications.

For further information about its features, visit Shimadzu Europe website.

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