In the field of Analytical and Scientific Instruments, N. Asteriadis S.A. is today one of the market leaders in:
Our clients today include:

In the field of Electronics and Electrical Industry, N. Asteriadis S.A. is a supplier to all Greek high-tech industries and electromechanical constructions.

Our company covers the needs for raw materials (copper and copper alloy products, base materials for printed circuits, materials for transformer construction, etc.), as well as equipment for production (component placement machines, solder baths, coil winding machines, etc.).

The Future

Market Share Increase

The future plans of N. Asteriadis S.A. are to increase its market share in all areas of activity by providing products and services of the highest quality to all existing and future customers. With the ultimate goal of implementing these future plans, the following steps have been taken as short-term actions:


The availability of the company's website, which will include detailed information about the company and promoted products, as well as links to the websites of partner companies.

Expansion into new sectors

Another goal is to expand into new areas of scientific and laboratory instrumentation, as well as instruments for direct processing for production and environmental use.

The cutting-edge technology of N. Asteriadis S.A., the quality of its services, and its good reputation in the market are and will remain our competitive advantages that ensure customer satisfaction and contribute to the continuous growth of the company.

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