The customer receives advice regarding space and environmental requirements, specifications for electrical power supply, and details regarding gas or water supply requirements. The space is inspected before installation.

Each instrument or device is installed in full accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. After installation, the operation of the instrument or device is checked according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The customer has the option to request a fully documented IQ/OQ verification.

Each installed instrument is tracked by its serial number, and every technical intervention or maintenance is recorded, with the full history of the instrument always available in a file. Each installed instrument comes with an official warranty document.


Users of the instrument are fully trained by specialized personnel. The training includes:

  1. The theory of the instrument’s operation and a general description of its main components.
  2. The daily use of the instrument with an emphasis on safety and proper laboratory practice.
  3. The full range of various technical approaches possible with the instrument.
  4. The complete use of the software.
  5. Preventive maintenance and cleaning procedures as determined by the manufacturer for the user.
  6. Possible errors in operation and methods for addressing them.

Users also receive advice regarding consumables specifications and environmental conditions for seamless operation.

Each training is accompanied by a training certificate in the name of the user, signed by the trainer.


The optional service provided by N. Asteriadis S.A. allows customers to receive a fully tested specific application developed by our Applications Department. This service is tailored to each customer’s needs and includes the following elements:

  • Optimization of sample preparation.
  • Development, implementation, and validation of a comprehensive method for sample processing.
  • Collection, logging, and analysis of data.
  • Verification of results with third-party laboratories.

The company maintains an extensive archiving system, continuously updated with the latest methods and procedures in the field of Analytical Chemistry. Additionally, the company stays in constant contact with our suppliers and laboratories performing similar analyses, ensuring the successful development of the method.


To ensure guaranteed quality results, the customer must regularly ensure that their instrument operates according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Asteriadis S.A. is committed to continuously training its technicians at the manufacturers’ facilities to perform the necessary IQ/OQ/PQ checks for every instrument it supplies.

Furthermore, every necessary investment has been made to equip our technicians with state-of-the-art testing devices, which are properly maintained and periodically verified by independent laboratories.

Fully appreciating the importance of instrument verification in ensuring result quality, our company offers this service for the instruments we supply, following the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Additionally, the Testing and Verification Laboratory of N. Asteriadis S.A. is accredited by ESYD for conducting tests and verifications of UV-Vis spectrophotometers according to the standard ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

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