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N. Asteriadis S.A. operates: In the field of Equipment of Research and Development, Quality Control, Biomedicine and Biotechnology Laboratories, with complete solutions including the study and organization of laboratories. In the field of Electronic and Electrotechnical Industry, with equipment for the development of the production process and full supply of raw and other materials.

Shimadzu’s New Nexera UHPLC Series with AI and IoT Enhancements Sets Industry Standard for Intelligence, Efficiency and Design



Every installed instrument is tracked through its serial number, as every service or maintenance operation is recorded and the full history of the instrument is always available on file. Every installed instrument is accompanied by a formal warranty declaration.

The customer is advised regarding space and environmental requirements, electricity supply specifications, and details of gas supply or water supply requirements. The space is inspected before installation.

Every instrument or device is installed in strict compliance to manufacturers’ instructions. After installation, the operation of the instrument or device is checked according to manufacturers’ specifications. The customer has the option to request a fully documented IQ/OQ test.


The users of the instrument are fully trained by specialized engineers. The training includes:

  • Theory of operation of the instrument and general description of major components.
  • Daily use of the instrument with emphasis on security and good laboratory practice.
  • The full extend of the various technical approaches possible with the instrument.
  • Full operation of the software.
  • Preventive maintenance procedures and cleaning, as specified by the manufacturer for the user.
  • Possible operating errors and remedy methods.
  • The user is also advised regarding the specifications of consumables and the environmental conditions for flawless operation.

Every training session is documented with a certificate of training in the name of the user, signed by the training engineer.


Besides basic training for the use of the instrument, the customer may optionally select to receive a fully tested specific application, which will be developed by our Application Department.

This service refers to closely examining the specific customer needs and developing a fully functioning daily procedure, which may include:

  • Optimization of sample preparation.
  • Developing, applying and testing a comprehensive method to process the samples.
  • Collecting, filing and analysing the data.
  • Double checking the results with third party laboratories.

N. Asteriadis S.A. keeps an extensive filing system, which is constantly renewed and updated with the most current methods and procedures, published in the field of Analytical Chemistry. In constant contact with our suppliers and with laboratories that perform similar analysis, our customers are ensured of successful application development.

Calibration & Testing

In order to guarantee the integrity of the results, the customer must take care to regularly qualify that his instrument is working according to manufacturer’s specifications.

N. Asteriadis S.A. is committed to continually train its engineers in the manufacturers premises for performing the necessary IQ/OQ/PQ tests for every instrument that it supplies.

In addition, every necessary investment has been made to equip our engineers with state of the art testing equipment, which is properly maintained and regularly certified in independent laboratories.

Fully appreciating the importance of instrument qualification in ensuring the integrity of the results, we offer this service for the instruments that we supply, in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. In addition, the Calibration and Testing Laboratory of N. Asteriadis S.A. is certified by Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. (E.SY.D.) to perform calibration and testing of UV-Vis spectrophotometers according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

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