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ASTERIADIS - Laboratory Equipment


In the field of Laboratory Equipment for Research and Development, Quality Control, Biomedical and Biotechnology, with complete solutions including laboratory design and organization.

In the field of Electronics and Electrotechnical Industry, with equipment for the development of the production process and full coverage in raw materials.


We offer high quality products and services

adapting at our customers’ needs

The client receives advice on space and environmental requirements, while specifications for electrical supply and gas or water requirements are also examined before installation. 

Any installation and operation of the device is carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and a fully documented IQ/OQ verification may be required if desired by the client.


Users of the instrument are fully trained by specialized personnel. Each training session is accompanied by a training certificate in the user’s name, signed by the trainer.


In addition to the basic training for equipment usage, the client can choose to receive a fully tested application developed by our Applications Department.

This service aims to adapt to the client’s needs and create a functional daily workflow, including optimizing sample preparation, developing sample processing methods, data collection, and result verification with third-party laboratories.


To ensure the quality of results, the client must periodically confirm that their instrument operates according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  1. Asteriadis S.A. ensures this process through continuous training of its technicians at manufacturers’ facilities for IQ/OQ/PQ checks for each supplied instrument.

Additionally, the company invests in modern testing equipment, which is maintained and verified at regular intervals by independent laboratories.


At N. Asteriadis S.A., our commitment to providing high-quality scientific and analytical equipment is accompanied by unparalleled support through our Technical Support Department in Athens, which is the cornerstone of our customer satisfaction.

Our team consists of experienced and certified technicians with deep knowledge of the scientific and analytical instruments we distribute. You can trust us to understand the details of your equipment, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective solutions.


About us

The company N. Asteriadis S.A. is the successor of the business Nikolaos Asteriadis, which was founded in 1955 by Nikolaos Asteriadis. 

Today, the company is a leader in the market of analytical instruments and electronic microscopes in Northern Greece, serving customers such as universities, hospitals, laboratories, and industries. 

The company’s future plans include the availability of a website with detailed information and expansion into new areas of scientific and laboratory instrumentation.

Our Suppliers

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