Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for LCMS

The CLAM-2040 accompanies you on most of the analytical workflow and improves your overall throughput by drastically reducing the sample preparation time. Simply place the blood tubes in position and the CLAM-2040 performs the next steps automatically, from sample extraction, up to the LCMS analysis and data processing.


Sample extraction and analysis are fully automated in the CLAM-2040

The CLAM-2040 performs it all automatically: dispensing the sample onto the specialized filter vial, adding reagents, shaking, heating, filtering and transferring the extracted sample to the LCMS system autosampler.

Easy to use and to maintain. Reduced workload for operators.

Containers for liquid waste and filter waste reduce the infection risk and ensure operator safety. Easy access to all system automated parts, consumables, and waste also allows for easy maintenance over time.

For further information about its features, visit Shimadzu Europe website.

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