Smart Performance

Equipped with an ion source that features high sensitivity and long-term stability, and a high-efficiency collision cell, the system can provide sensitive, stable analyses over a long period of time. Also, since it incorporates the Nexis™ GC-2030, high-precision control over flowrate and temperature is assured, enabling the acquisition of highly reliable data.

Smart Productivity

The GC/MS is now a standard system for analysts, and a system can be used for a wide variety of applications. The active time management feature appropriately manages times when the system requires maintenance, or when system changes are being made, or the waiting time for a user when multiple users are waiting to use the system. This ensures more efficient use of the system and greater uptime.

Smart Operation

Creating an MRM analysis method requires determining the optimum transitions, collision energies, and other complicated parameters. In GCMSsolution™ software, Smart MRM, the method creation function, creates optimized analytical methods by using the transitions data in the “Smart Database” file. When you want to perform MRM measurements of components not contained in the database, the optimal transitions can be automatically searched for using the MRM Optimization Tool.

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