Provides Higher Sensitivity and Reduces Operational Costs

A large-capacity differential exhaust turbomolecular pump and a high-performance flow controller ensure that the utmost in sensitivity is obtained under all conditions used for GC. This sensitivity combined with high-speed analysis capabilities helps maximize laboratory efficiency by reducing analysis times. In addition, the system can be safely operated using carrier gases other than helium, such as hydrogen or nitrogen, thereby reducing operating costs.

Dramatic Improvement in the Efficiency of Multicomponent Simultaneous Analysis

The efficiency of multi-component simultaneous analysis is dramatically improved thanks to Smart SIM™, which simplifies and automates the method creation, and LabSolutions Insight™ software, which greatly reduces the time needed for analyzing data. In addition, databases specialized for specific fields are provided, so regardless of the field in which quantitative analysis is to be performed, highly reliable data can be obtained as the result of the optimized analytical conditions.

Easily Obtains All the Information Required for Qualitative Analysis

With GC/MS, which has significant qualitative capabilities, a wealth of fragment information is obtained, so it is used as a means of identifying unknown compounds. A mass spectral library is generally used as a means of compound identification. However, experience with compound identification is required if the compound is not registered in the mass spectral library, or there are a number of compounds with similar structures. With the GCMS-QP2020 NX, in addition to the mass spectrum, three kinds of value-added compound information are used in combination to support high-accuracy qualitative analysis.

Configure Optimal Analysis Systems to Meet Your Needs

For GC/MS analysis, different system configurations may be required depending on the application and sample-introduction needs. The GCMS-QP2020 NX offers a wide variety of system configurations and sample-introduction devices to enable an expanded range of applications.

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