isoEArth for CN or S isoEArth+ for simultaneous CNS

The Sercon isoEArth systems are elemental analysers specifically configured for interface to IRMS instruments. When combined with the high sensitivity of the HS2022 IRMS, the isoEArth gives accurate and precise elemental data alongside accurate and precise isotopic data. The isoEArth is used for CN or S analysis, the isoEArth+ for simultaneous CNS. The addition of a high temperature pyrolysis furnace, the HT-EA, allows for the analysis of O and H. Both isoEArth models may have a gas autosampler added to enable gas analysis. Key features include low helium consumption of 65 ml/min (25 ml/min low volume mode), robust long-life temperature programmable furnaces with a 15 year warranty, and an integrated thermal conductivity detector for high precision elemental data with a detection limit of <50 ppm. When run in low level mode samples as small as 2.5 μg C, 1.5 μg N and 3 μg S can be measured with no loss of precision. A robust autosampler has many carousel options available, including zero blank and liquid autosampler options. The easily accessible furnace tubes and traps offer ease of maintenance and operation. A wide range of sample types can be measured including organic and inorganic, pharmaceutical compounds, biological, environmental, petrochemical, agricultural and foodstuffs.
*combustion furnaces only
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