Anion Suppressor Ion Chromatograph

The HIC-ESP is a new anion suppressor ion chromatograph with built-in electrodialytic suppressor, boasting the same low carryover and excellent injection precision characteristic of Shimadzu HPLCs to bring you highly-reliable results. The newly developed anion suppressor prevents peak spreading and achieves high sensitivity, providing stable functionality even over long periods of use.

The HIC-ESP is suitable for applications in a wide range of fields including environmental science, medicine, chemistry, and food science.

The HIC-ESP system is just 420 mm wide, taking up significantly less space on the bench. Settings for HIC-ESP analysis parameters, continuous analysis, auto-shutdown, data processing, and report creation can all be managed from LabSolutions™ software.

For further information about its features, visit Shimadzu’s Europe website.

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