Performance lifted to a higher level

The GC-2014 Series is equipped with the advanced flow controller (AFC) technology inherited from the GC-17A Series and GC-2010 Series. This digital control is standard for not only capillary columns, but packed columns as well. Accurate flow rate control via AFC has higher-level repeatability of retention time and peak area, enabling a higher level of analyses.

The detectors have been completely redesigned, incorporating the GC-2010 detector designs for capillary analyses and the GC-14 detector designs for packed columns. This TCD-2014 unit is ideal for packed column measurements employing the semi-diffusion cell design used in TCD-14. The newly designed FPD-2014 takes advantage of the holophotal construction of the FPD-2010.

Easier to understand, simpler operation

A large LCD displays chromatograms and method parameters. Graphical popup screen that clearly guides operation so that operation errors are prevented. The built-in Help function almost eliminates need for familiarization training.

Self-diagnostics validate that the instrument before injection. Regular diagnosis prevents unexpected downtime.

Expandability to Support all Types of Analysis

Select from four types of injection units and five types of detectors according to the target compounds and analysis objective. Modular injection units, detectors and auto-injectors can be easily added after installing the unit in your lab. Three Injection Units and Four Detectors can be simultaneously installed.

Effective use of valuable column resources is maintained by using the 40-mm pitch glass column.

A Full Line of Injection Units and Compact, High-Sensitivity Detectors

Injection Units DINJ-2014

Dual Packed Injection Unit

Designed for Dual FID and TCD analyses. Because two flow paths are handled

using one temperature control port, these count as one heated zone.

SPL-2014 Split/Splitless Injection Unit

Standard unit for high-speed analysis with a narrow bore column. The gas saver function restricts the total gas used. High-pressure injection standard

SINJ-2014 Single Packed Injection Unit

This is a specialized sample injection unit for use with ECD or other high sensitivity detectors.

WBI-2014 Direct Injection Unit

Incorporates a septum purge flow path to restrict solvent tailing. Sharing glass inserts with splitless analysis simplifies parts requirements (patented).



Flame Ionization Detector

Automatic ignition and re-ignition functions are standard. By mounting an APC or solenoid valve unit, a feedback function cuts off gas supply when the hydrogen flame is extinguished. Generally used for detection of organic compounds with a hydrogen carbon bond. Single and dual FID’s available.


Thermal Conductivity Detector

The TCD-2014 is a semi-diffusion type cell reducing contamination and increasing cell lifetimes. Incorporates an automatic filament protection circuit. The TCD-2014 is used for analysis of inorganic gases and concentrated organic compounds.


Electron Capture Detector

This cell is very similar to the ECD-14; so spare radiation sources can be shared. This detector is used for analysis of electrophillic compounds. Improved cell insulation and reduces contamination achieving higher sensitivity.


Flame Photometric Detector

The FPD-2010, the nozzle system was updated to provide support for packed column analysis while maintaining its high sensitivity. The FPD-2014 is compact with a high maximum temperature (350deg.C). This detector is used for analysis of organic sulphur compounds and organic phosphorus compounds such as residual pesticides and malodorous components.


Flame Thermionic Detector

Packed column analysis is supported by the FTD-2014 using the FTD-14 mechanism and collectors from both the FTD-14 and -17. Used for analysis of organic nitrogen compounds and organic phosphorus compounds such as residual pesticides.


Flame Thermionic Detector

This specialized capillary-type detector employs the FTD-2010 mechanism. Used for analysis of organic nitrogen compounds and organic phosphorus compounds such as residual pesticides.The new collector construction allows replacement without tools. An optional alkali source regeneration kit recoats the bead reducing running costs.

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