I’m Sensitive – I’m Impressive – I’m Elite

  • Most sensitive electrochemical detector
  • Compatible with any HPLC system
  • Temperature stabilized cell/column compartment
  • ADF (advance digital filter) to improve S/N ratio
  • Different flow cells for optimal performance


The DECADE Elite electrochemical detector is made to work with any HPLC system on the market. It can handle the fast eluting peaks often encountered in UHPLC and with Antec’s proprietary small volume SenCell™ it is compatible with Capillary/Nano LC as well. The DECADE Elite with its dedicated flow cells is by far the most sensitive electrochemical detector by today’s standards.

In the DECADE Elite the column and the flow cell (separation and detection) are both held at a very accurate and stable temperature in the column oven. Stable working conditions are a prerequisite for trace analysis, without stability no sensitivity! In addition, the DECADE Elite has ADF (advanced digital filter) which is a low frequency pass filter, specially developed to improve signal to noise ratio and ultimately the detection limit up to a factor 200. Furthermore, the fast acquisition frequency makes the instrument ideally suited for detection in UHPLC.

Antec provides a number of electrochemical flow cells (SenCell, FlexCell) with different features for specific applications. The flow cells are certified and warranted up to 5 years (glassy carbon type).

Typical HPLC-ECD applications can be found in Neurochemistry, e.g., ultra-sensitive analysis of neurotransmitters. Clinical applications, e.g., catecholamines, serotonin and metanephrines as cancer markers. Food and beverages, e.g., sugars, carbohydrates, lactose –free products based on HPAE-PAD. Antibiotics, e.g., aminoglycosides and macrolide antibiotics according EP or USP Pharmacopoeia.



The DECADE Lite has the same performance as the DECADE Elite. It has an integrated oven with Faraday cage, it is equipped with the superior ADF and has control for one flow cell (single cell control). The DECADE Lite has DC mode only and is operated by PC control software (free). The DECADE Lite is compatible with all Antec flow cells. An electrically actuated injector or a manual injector (standard or micro) are optional.

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