Brevis GC-2050


“Smaller, simpler, and easier to use – without compromising performance.” That’s the demand from analysts. And that’s why Shimadzu developed the Brevis GC-2050. This new space-saving GC delivers uncompromising analytical performance in a modern yet rugged design, easily meeting the analysis needs of laboratories in a range of industries.

Space-saving yet expandable design
The compact Brevis GC-2050, with a 350 mm system width, including an auto-injector (AOC™-30i), makes even more use of lab space. Compared to the flagship Nexis™ GC-2030, the system’s width has been reduced by approximately 35 %. At the same time, it is possible to connect additional headspace samplers, a mass spectrometer, and other accessories (available soon), providing the scalability to cover the analytical needs of today’s GC/GCMS users.

Compact system configuration
During development of the Brevis GC-2050, the injection ports, detectors, electrical boards, etc. were rearranged to achieve a flexible system configuration while maintaining a slim system width.

Sufficient GC oven size
Despite its space-saving design, this GC oven does not require a dedicated column, and up to two general capillary columns can be used.

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