Infrared Microscope Maximizes Automation to Improve Microsample Analysis

The AIMsight infrared (IR) microscope is an automatic analysis system that maximizes automation to significantly improve efficiency of microsample defect analysis. This FT-IR microscope accurately measures micro targets by irradiating them with infrared rays, and then gauges the reflectance and transmittance from sample molecules. The AIMsight features several user-friendly functions, such as easy measurement range determination via a wide-field camera, automatic identification of measurement targets, automatic setting of measurement position, and automatic analysis via a contaminant analysis program, assuring that both beginners and specialists can feel confident from the very first analysis.​

In addition to trace contaminant analysis and quality control for products such as chemicals, electronics, machinery, and transportation equipment, AIMsight also plays a big role in researching microplastics, tiny plastic particles that have a negative impact on the environment

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