Oxford – AZtecTEM: The next generation of EDS for TEM

Oxford Instruments, the global leader in nanoanalysis systems, is proud to introduce AZtecTEM with Ultim® Max for TEM, to once again transform the capability and use of EDS on the transmission electron microscope.

AZtecTEM, powered by Ultim Max, delivers unparalleled EDS performance on the transmission electron microscope (TEM). Ultim Max delivers up to a 3x increase in sensitivity compared to previous generation SDD detectors. This combined with a 4x increase in detector speed opens up new applications for EDS in the TEM including biology and in situ live chemical analysis.

High sensitivity, and high-speed Ultim Max EDS detectors allow the use of AZtecLive in a TEM for the first time. AZtecLive combines live X-ray maps, electron images and X-ray spectra allowing real-time feedback of chemistry changes when specimens are exposed to heat, liquids, gases or electrical fields. This enhanced functionality will change the way in situ experiments in the TEM are performed. This will allow users to re-evaluate the way they design advanced materials and understand the reactions that underpin clean energy.

AZtecTEM uniquely quantifies elemental composition by mass thickness. This delivers more accurate quantification across the entire range of specimens analysed in a TEM and critically allows users to measure the thickness of their specimens using EDS alone, opening up an entire new dimension of measurement.

According to TEM Product Manager, Dr. Samuel Marks, the new range of detectors will offer new capability and productivity for currently challenging fields of analysis. “The sensitivity of Ultim Max detectors for TEM combined with new AZtecLive technology will transform the way customers understand chemistry as it happens in the TEM. This will open up a new range of applications for elemental analysis.”

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