Onyx PCX


System for Post-Column Derivatization – Can Be Combined with any HPLC

  • Professional components for post-column derivatization
  • One system for many applications
  • Low maintenance

Using derivatization after the HPLC column even those substances can be detected that are otherwise not or badly visible for the detector. This method is suitable for the analysis of amino acids, biogenic amines, mycotoxins, antibiotics and other compounds.

The Onyx PCX is the next generation of HPLC post-column derivatization instruments resulting from 35 years of experience at Pickering Laboratories (USA). As sole system of this kind it is dedicated to professional post column derivatization.

  • An electronic syringe pump provides pulse-free operation and results in chromatograms that are easy to interpret.
  • The integrated column oven allows using a temperature gradient for the HPLC column, resulting in short running time for the analysis of amino acids.
  • The valves are controlled electrically, no check valves have to be maintained or replaced.
  • The need for maintenance is extremely low for the Onyx PCX. The flow paths are inert, all solvents thus can be used. Automated rinsing processes clean the system directly after derivatization.
  • In case you need to change the application, this is done with little effort: Simply change the reactor and choose the method via software.

The system is all over the world successfully used for environmental, clinical and pharmaceutical analysis as well as in food and feed industries. It is part of a complete product range for post column derivatization: systems, reagents, columns, methods and last not least helpful support.

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