Onyx PCX

HPLC Post-Column Derivatization

Onyx PCX is the next generation of HPLC postcolumn derivatization instruments resulting from Pickering Laboratories’ 35 years of experience in post-column instrument manufacturing. Previously, the Pinnacle PCX set the benchmark for innovative design as the top-of-the-line PCX model. Now, it is surpassed by the Onyx PCX as the best post-column instrument available on the market.

Pickering Laboratories still offers the only instrumentation optimized for the analysis of Amino Acids, Carbamates, Glyphosate, Mycotoxins, Antibiotics, and many other applications. Each component is specifically designed to enhance sensitivity and selectivity. The Onyx PCX reflects the ease of use, reliability and ruggedness customers have come to expect from Pickering Laboratories.

For further information about its features, visit LCTech’s website.

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