Anion Membrane Suppressor for Ion Chromatography

Xenoic® brand products are high quality items designed for ion chromatography applications and fit to all types of instruments and systems. They allow you to implement robust high-sensitivity ion chromatography with suppressed conductivity detection on your existing liquid chromatography system.

Xenoic® XAMS is an efficient and robust chemically regenerated membrane suppressor that is easy to use. With Xenoic® XAMS in your ion chromatography system, you will reach maximum sensitivity and minimum background for numerous analyses using eluents containing either hydroxide or carbonate. This robust chemically regenerated anion membrane suppressor is suitable for most applications using hydroxide or carbonate eluents. Designed for columns with 3-5 mm inner diameter and flow rates 0.5-2 mL/min.

The Xenoic® items can be fitted to a wide range of systems for ion chromatography, liquid chromatography and HPLC. They are fully compatible with Shimadzu product series and other brands like Waters, Agilent, Knauer, Thermo, Dionex, Metrohm, Jasco, TOA, Perkin Elmer, Cecil Instruments, Hitachi, Shodex, and many more.

For further information about their features, visit Diduco website.

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