Oxford – Introducing new range of SEM-EDS detector with Xplore

Oxford Instruments, the global leader in microanalysis systems, is proud to announce that its NanoAnalysis division has launched the compact Xplore Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) for the electron microscope. The latest addition to the NanoAnalysis portfolio supplements the higher specification Ultim® range of detectors, which was completed last year and includes the recent award-winning and ultra-high sensitivity windowless detector Ultim Extreme.

The introduction of Xplore complements the extensive EDS portfolio that NanoAnalysis offers, meaning that the innovative real-time chemical imaging functionality of AZtecLive is now available to all users. The compact design of the Xplore range of detectors, available with either 20mm2 and 35mm2 sensor area, in conjunction with the versatility of the software enables this to be a perfect choice that can scale with the future requirements of the customer.

Designed for regular use across a plethora of applications: from failure analysis and quality control to identification of counterfeit or patent-infringing products, this flexible detector comes complete with a choice of software options, dependent on the requirements and experience of the user.

Anthony Hyde, EDS Product Manager commented on the versatility of the new detector, saying “It has been exciting working on this product and finally completing our EDS portfolio. This product successfully blends the quality and reliability that is synonymous with the Oxford Instruments name in a compact package which augments the requirements of entry-level SEMs.”

The full range of detectors will be on display and demonstration at various events around the world, including JSM in Japan (17-19th June), MMC in Manchester (1-4th July), M&M in Portland (5-8th August) and MC Berlin in Germany (2-5 September).

For more information, please visit: nano.oxinst.com/xplore

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