The UIP4000hdT delivers up to 4kW ultrasound power and is a reliable production machine even under demanding conditions. It is designed for industrial processes with a higher energy demand and large volumes. The UIP4000hdT is a robust and powerful ultrasonic processor. Typical applications of the UIP4000hdT include homogenization, emulsification, dispersing & particle fine milling, extraction, malaxation of olive oil, dissolving or sonochemical reactions such as sono-synthesis and sono-catalysis. This high-power system is particularly favorable, since no additional cooling media, such as water or compressed air, are necessary. The special design of this system allows for its use under extreme operation conditions, such as dust, dirt, temperature and humidity. The ultrasonic processor consists of titanium and stainless steel. The oscillation-free flange has proven very useful for the integration into machines and plants. It has been adapted to the new technical conditions in terms of correct oscillation-behavior. The modular concept of the UIP4000hdT provides you with a powerful and yet very space-saving system. The transducer and generator are housed separately from each other and are connected via cables. The self-contained design reduces the work required for installation, operation and maintenance to a minimum level. Multiple UIP4000hdT modules can be easily combined to form clusters with higher process capacities.
In general, the flow cell as well as the ultrasonic transducer are located in a double-walled stainless steel cabinet that comes with a very effective sound insulation. If required, the UIP4000hdT can be used for the sonication of liquids in custom-specific reactors. Of course, the UIP4000hdT is capable to run continuously at full power output (24hrs/7days) like all ultrasonic systems from Hielscher Ultrasonics.
The UIP4000hdT at a glance 4000 watts powerful ultrasonicator reliable for heavy duty sonication processes 24/7 operation industrial grade colored touch display browse remote control automatic data recording of power, amplitude, sonication time, temperature, pressure integrated SD/USB ComboCard pluggable temperature sensor pluggable pressure sensor (optional available) LAN connection Ethernet connection no software installation automatic frequency tuning.

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