Thermal Desorption Systems (TD)

Thermal desorption (TD) arose out of the need to improve upon conventional sample preparation techniques such as solvent extraction, solid-phase microextraction, purge-and-trap and static headspace. It gives greater sensitivity than these techniques and can be used for a wider range of compound classes ranging in volatility from C2 to n-C44 hydrocarbons. TD is also applicable to a wide range of sample types – solids (using dynamic headspace, headspace sorptive extraction or direct desorption), liquids (using immersive sorptive extraction) and gases (using pumped sampling, passive sampling, on-line sampling or canisters). It is safer and more environmentally friendly than solvent extraction, is easily automated, easy to validate and complies with key standard methods.

Markes International is the world leader in Thermal Desorption systems. You can check their range down below:
UNITY-xr Markes International UNITY-xr Thermal Desorption

Single-tube thermal desorption unit with unmatched upgradeability. read more







TD100-xr Markes International TD100-xr Thermal Desorption

Multi-tube thermal desorber for high-throughput automated analysis. read more







UNITY-ULTRA-xr Markes International UNITY-ULTRA-xr Thermal Desorption

Multi-tube thermal desorber with advanced upgrade options. read more







UNITY-ULTRA-xr Pro Markes International UNITY-ULTRA-xr Pro Thermal Desorption

Multi-tube thermal desorber with advanced re-collection options. read more




DAAMS instruments

Automated thermal desorption for 4½” sorbent tube analysis. read more

Centri 360 Markes International Centri 360 Thermal Desorption

The ultimate multi-mode sample automation and concentration platform for GC-MS. read more







UNITY-Air Server-xr Markes International UNITY-Air Server-xr Thermal Desorption

Cryogen-free automated thermal desorption system for unattended on-line air monitoring. read more







UNITY-CIA Advantage-xr Markes International UNITY-CIA Advantage-xr Thermal Desorption

Cryogen-free, automated canister and whole air preconcentration system. read more






TT24-7NRT Markes International TT24-7NRT Thermal Desorption

Advanced near-real-time instrument for uninterrupted monitoring of air-borne chemical warfare agents & toxic industrial chemicals. read more







TT24-7xr Markes International TT24-7xr Thermal Desorption

Continuous on-line thermal desorber for environmental monitoring of trace‑level organic vapours. read more







NuVo 200 Markes International NuVo 200 Thermal Desorption

Cryogen-free, automated canister and whole-air preconcentration system for monitoring of ODS & GHGs in urban and industrial areas. read more


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