Special Liquid Chromatography Valves

VICI offers a wide variety of special liquid chromatography valves such as:

Cheminert – HPLC

The standard line of Cheminert flat plate valves for HPLC includes 4, 6, 8, and 10 port versions plus a through-the-handle front-loading injector and a continuous flow injector. Also available is a submicroliter injector with injection volume down to 4 nanoliters. Valves feature 1/32″ or 1/16″ zero dead volume fittings with bore sizes from 0.10 mm (.004″) to 0.75 mm (.030″). Most models are available in manual, air, or electrically actuated versions.

Cheminert – UHPLC

Cheminert UHPLC injectors, switching valves, and selectors are ideal for high speed, high throughput techniques which demand a valve and fitting system that minimize internal volume and eliminate dead volume. A proprietary rotor material and stator coating on some models achieve pressures to 20,000 psi, suitable for the most demanding analytical techniques. All models are compatible with any VICI actuation option.

Valco – HPLC injectors / valves

A pioneer and industry leader in products for HPLC, Valco continues to offer the market’s most diverse line in terms of options for number of ports, fitting sizes, materials of construction, and actuation. 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 port versions are offered, with 1/32″, 1/16″, or 1/8″ fittings. As with the GC line, Valco valves offer the widest range of rotor and body materials of any valves available, with alloys and polymer composites capable of meeting virtually any system requirement. All models can be ordered in manual, pneumatic, or electrically actuated versions.

For further information about their HPLC valves, visit VICI website.

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