Prominence-i GPC System

Gas Permeation Chromatography

By adding the refractive index detector “RID-20A” to the integrated high-performance liquid chromatograph “Prominence-i”, a conventional scale GPC system using multi detectors can be constructed with minimized footprint.

A refractive index detector is generally used for GPC analysis of hydrophobic polymers. When trace-level additives that have UV absorption are contained in a polymer, both a UV detector and a photodiode array detector, which offers high-sensitivity detection, are used complementarily. By using the Prominence-i (PDA model), LabSolutions workstation, and LabSolutions GPC software (option), it is possible to simultaneously perform measurement of molecular weight distribution of a main component polymer using analysis results from the refractive index detector, and quantitative and qualitative analysis of trace-level additives using analysis results from the photodiode array detector.

For further information about its features, visit Shimadzu’s Europe website.

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