INSIGHT-Flow / Thermal

Modulators for GCxGC

INSIGHT-Flow is a GCxGC flow modulator for routine, high-throughput and discovery analysis.

SepSolve’s INSIGHT®-Flow modulator uses best-in-class reverse fill/flush operation to deliver robust, repeatable, and affordable GCxGC, ideal for GC laboratories requiring routine, high-throughput analyses, or discovery-based applications involving volatiles <C7, such as breath biomarker discovery and aroma profiling. read more

INSIGHT-Thermal for GCxGC is a cryogen-free thermal modulator with unbeatable productivity

SepSolve’s INSIGHT-Thermal modulator delivers outstanding sensitivity and peak capacity, thanks to the focusing capability of the consumable-free cold jet, making it the ideal choice for analysis of trace-level analytes in complex mixtures. read more

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