HPLC Columns



A column with a new outer design. This column and corresponding adapter entirely eliminate the need for any high-pressure fittings or tubing as well as minimizing all possible dead volumes. Furthermore, if a leak ever occurs in the high-pressure column inlet, the mobile phase is contained within the column adapter (no external leakage). Read more.


SHARC™ HPLC columns are the latest, innovative columns from SIELC Technologies, the inventors of Primesep®. SHARC™ columns are the first commercially available columns with separation based primarily on hydrogen bonding. SHARC stands for  Specific Hydrogen-bond Adsorption Resolution Column. Hydrogen bonding is an interaction (attraction) of bound hydrogen atom to the molecules with electronegative atoms such as oxygen, nitrogen, and fluorine.

Primesep ®

Primesep stationary phases offer unprecedented selectivity in the separation of a broad array of chemical compounds and in multiple applications. A wide range of HPLC columns with id’s from 0.5 mm to 22 mm are available. Corresponding Primesep guard columns are available with all stationary phases and do not require holders. SIELC offers a method development service which is available for all customers. Ask about our special custom LC-phases tailored for specific separations.

Obelisc ™

Two complimentary columns, Obelisc R and Obelisc N, based on Liquid Separation Cell ( LiSC ™) technology, offer a new approach to separate a variety of small molecules. Buffer concentration, buffer pH, and organic modifier concentration are three orthogonal parameters of the mobile phase that allow adjustment of column properties to separate complex mixtures.

Promix ™

Promix is an alternative chromatography technology for efficient resolution of peptides and proteins. The technology is based on a combination of two interactions – hydrophobic and ionic. This approach is possible due to a new type of separation media: a chemical combination of hydrophobic and ionic functional groups on a ligand bonded to a silica support. With this phase, unparalleled selectivity and peak capacity can be achieved. Independent adjustment of the amount of buffer and organic modifier creates an infinite number of separation conditions that are suitable for many types of bio-molecules.

Legacy ™

SIELC has developed the Legacy column, which can be used in many USP Validated methods.

HPLC Hardware
  • SIELC Technologies is offering a patented design of capillary, analytical, and preparative hardware for HPLC.
  • Unified cylindrical shape of the columns is a signature hardware style developed and produced by SIELC.
  • Superior performance, distinguished look, and reduced hardware costs are just a few benefits of the new design.

SIELC offers a new design of fittings for HPLC. It combines reduced costs with attractive appearance and premium performance. Two versions of fitting are available for high pressure applications up to 5000 psi (350 bar) and ultrahigh pressure applications 14000 psi (1000 bar).
Some benefits of SIELC fittings: finger-tight installation, break-resistant, fully metal thread, improves heat transfer, one-size-fits-most applications, several color options.

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