Application Specific GC Systems

Shimadzu offers specially pre-configured Application Specific GC Systems for a variety of applications and industries. In particular, the following are available:

  • Method Optimization System Triple Capillary Column GC
  • Refinery Gas Analysis
  • High-Sensitivity Analysis System for Inorganic Gases
  • Analysis System for Gases in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Distillation Gas Chromatograph System
  • VUV PIONA+ Analysis
  • Impurity Analysis in Bulk Gas
  • Green House Gas Analysis
  • Trace Moisture Analysis System
  • Standard Method Compliant Systems
  • Natural Gas Analysis
  • Gasoline/Fuel Analysis
  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis
  • Transformer Oil Gas Analysis
  • Trace Sulfur Analysis
  • Other Liquid / Gas Samples

For more information about Shimadzu’s Application Specific GC Systems, visit Shimadzu Europe Website.

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