AOC-6000 Plus

Multifunctional Autosampler

The AOC-6000 Plus Multifunctional Autosampler enables various syringes injections, including liquid injection, headspace (HS) injection, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injection. The automatic syringe exchange RTC (Robotic Tool Changer) function enables continuous sample injection using different syringes. By combining with the Twin Line MS system, different analytical methods such as SPME and HS can be performed continuously without changing the column.

The AOC-6000 Plus automatically exchanges the syringe tools installed in the park station for each sample injection method (automatic tool exchange function).

The AOC-6000 Plus includes a feature for managing the use of syringes and fibers. It reads the Smart Chips built into the specially-designed Smart Syringe, Smart SPME Fiber, and Smart SPME Arrow and displays information for the device, such as temperature resistance, usage history, usage dates and stroke count. The ability to automate complicated consumables management and monitor the conditions of syringes and fibers leads to more reliable data.

For further information about its features, visit Shimadzu Europe website.

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