The 200 watts ultrasonic device UP200St_TD offers a broad versatility as this basic unit allows for three completely different setups. The basic system consists in the top-down transducer UP200St_TD that is driven by the 200 watt generator (UP200St-G) suppling the electrical energy for various ultrasonic applications such as dispersing and deagglomeration, sample preparation, and deaeration. One basic ultrasonic system with three setup possibilities: Ultrasonic CupHorn Ultrasonic Flow-Cell Reactor SonoStep sample preparation unit UP200St_TD SonoStep: Sample Preparation Unit Small Volume Processing & Sample Preparation before Analysis: Sonication, Stirring and Pumping with one device. The SonoStep is the perfect device for reliable and comfortable sample preparation. The three essential functions of continuous sonication, stirring and pumping are integrated in a compact device. Ultrasound, and centrifugal pump are integrated into an agitated stainless steel beaker. Thus, the SonoStep pumps, stirres and sonicates the sample in recirculation. Connection ports allow for the direct connection to the analytical devices, e.g. particle measurement systems, for most accurate measurements. The ultrasound mixes, disperses, emulsifies, degasses the medium so that the sample is homogeneous and evenly processed when it goes into the analytical device. Time saving sample preparation: The power levels allow for sophisticated sonication in a short time, similar to direct sonication by a homogenizer with the advantage that the SonoStep delivers the sonicated sample directly to the analytical device. The direct connection of the SonoStep via hose or pipe with the analytical device, e.g. for particle measurement, facilitates the work routine in the laboratory significantly. UP200_TD CupHorn In combination with the accessory TD_CupHorn, the UP200St_TD turns into a powerful ultrasonic cup horn. The cup vessel comes with an additional vial holder for sonication of up to 5 eppendorf tubes. The cup horn can be used as high intensity ultrasonic bath for direct and indirect sonication. Whilst the sample is filled directly in the cup horn for a direct sonication, the cup horn is used as an ultrasonic water bath for indirect ultrasonication. With the vial holder, up to 5 sealed vials (e.g. Eppendorf tubes) can be processed avoiding aerosols and cross contamination. Therefore, the ultrasonic cup horn is the perfect tool to sonicate sterile or pathogenic samples. It allows for the simultaneous sonication of multiple tubes under identical process conditions. Ultrasonic cup horn TD_CupHorn for intense sonication from different angles.  The UP200St_TD FlowCell is equipped with 2 feed ports of 2.5mm inner diameter. The reactor can be closed with a lid to ensure a closed process environment. Advantages of the UP200St_TD: Performance: Consistent sonication with up to 200 watts for sample preparation. Mixing, Dispersing and Deagglomeration as well as Deaeration by powerful ultrasonic forces No sample loss, no cross-contamination Efficiency: Effortless sample preparation by simple setup and operation of one device Flexibility: Versatile basic unit allows for three different setups Simple setup and operation Simple quick-lock for fast and easy changing of the attachments (SonoStep, FlowCell, CupHorn) Quick-lock mechanism for fast and simple cleaning Simply exchangable hose or pipe connections.

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