Liquid Chromatography Interface

When there is a need for an HPLC-IRMS combination, the Sercon LC-I can provide the solution. Using our proprietary technology, the sample is directly converted from the liquid phase into gas and sampled by the mass spectrometer. The Sercon method has been proven to operate robustly over a wide molecular range of compounds with high precision. The Sercon LC-I interface allows any HPLC system to be connected to the HS2022 IRMS. The HPLC separates sugars in complex mixtures such as those in fruit juices or honey, the separated sugars are combusted in the presence of a catalyst to form CO2, and the isotopes of C analysed. The isotopic signatures of foodstuffs helps to detect fraudulently labelled goods, it allows researchers to determine the geographical origin of products, and indicates when adulteration may have occurred.
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