JEM – ARM 200F NEOARM Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope


“NEOARM” / JEM-ARM200F comes with JEOL’s unique cold field emission gun (Cold FEG) and a new Cs corrector (ASCOR) that compensates for higher order aberrations. The combination of a Cold FEG and ASCOR enables atomic-resolution imaging at not only 200 kV accelerating voltage, but also a low voltage of 30 kV.
“NEOARM” is also equipped with an automated aberration correction system that incorporates JEOL’s new aberration correction algorithm for automatic fast and precise aberration correction. This system enables higher-throughput atomic-resolution imaging.
Furthermore, a new STEM detector that provides enhanced contrast of light elements is incorporated as a standard unit. Contrast enhancement of light elements is achieved by a new STEM imaging technique (e-ABF: enhanced ABF), facilitating observation of light-element materials, even at low accelerating voltages.
The microscope room is separated from the operation room to respond to a remote operation. In addition, JEOL products’ new concept colors of “pure white” and “JEOL silver” are adopted, leading to a sophisticated exterior design of “NEOARM”.

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