Fatigue Testing


With improved reliability and safety called for as a result of environment problems and in electronic and transportation equipment, R&D is being conducted vigorously into high-performance, high-reliability materials and products. For this reason, the methods for evaluating the strength properties and reliability of these materials and products also have become advanced and complex. The Shimadzu Servopulser provides you with the functions for building a system that can flexibly and optimally accommodate various evaluations and tests of this kind.



Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System With the ultrasonic fatigue testing system

EHF-E Series

 EHF-E Series Servopulser Servo Dynamic Systems

EHF-U Series

 Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine (Servopulser) U-Type Loading Frame

EMT Series

 Fatigue and Endurance Testing Machine with Direct Electrically Powered Actuator

Micro-Servo MMT Series

 Micro-Servo MMT Series Electromagnetic Force Micro Material Tester

EHF-L Series

 EHF-L Series Servopulser Servo Dynamic Systems
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