Transmission Electron Microscope


JEOL is pleased to introduce the JEM-ARM300F2 GRAND ARM™2 as the newest offering in the Atomic Resolution analytical Microscope (ARM) Series. Several new features combined with the proven technology inherent to the ARM family of instruments make the GRAND ARM2 the preferred choice for all aberration-corrected electron microscopy needs.


A new pole piece design accepts dual large-area EDS detectors, enabling high-speed, high-sensitivity chemical characterization without sacrificing spatial resolution. Automated HT settings, corrector alignment routines, and lens optimizations promote ease-of-use while providing the ultimate in functionality and performance.

Standard features such as a cold field emission gun, a hybrid HAADF detector for increased S/N throughout the entire 40-300kV operating range, and enhanced light element contrast via e-ABF imaging, solidify the GRAND ARM2 as a high-performance analytical instrument with unparalleled flexibility.

No compromise in spatial resolution
new pole piece design yields increased EDS solid angle without sacrificing resolution

Mitigation of environmental effects
new enclosure reduces impact of air flow, temperature changes, and acoustic noise

Ultimate functionality
automated HT settings, corrector alignments, and optimized lens routines promote ease-of-use