Nexera XS inert



Αδρανές Σύστημα UHPLC


The potential adsorption of an analyte onto wetted surfaces of UHPLC instruments poses some critical challenges when analyzing biomolecules. While elevated pressure tolerance is required to achieve optimal chromatographic separation through the use columns with a small particle size, the inertness of the wetted surfaces is also of the utmost importance as is resistance to corrosion due to the use of mobile phases with high salt concentrations and extreme pH values. The Nexera XS inert system offers the ideal solution for the separation of molecules by combining the elevated pressure tolerance of a UHPLC system with complete inertness of the sample flow path, ensured by the absence of wetted metal surfaces and offering ultra-high resistance to corrosion.


Nexera XS inert

Unconstrained Recovery and Sensitivity  Reduces sample loss due to adsorption to metal and achieves excellent sensitivity.

Clear Resolution without Restrictions

Clear Resolution without Restrictions   Improves peak shape and achieves excellent chromatographic separation.

Improves Quantitative Analysis Performance

Assured Reliability and Reproducibility   Reliable data for metal-adsorbing compounds with high reproducibility