Φασματοφωτόμετρο UV-VIS απλής δέσμης


Designed by the leaders in UV-Visible Spectroscopy for molecular absorption quantitative analysis, the UV-1280 Multipurpose UV-Visible Spectrophotometer offers wavelength scanning from 190-1100nm. This lower-cost, high-quality instrument is ideal for applications ranging from routine environmental and food quality testing to life science analyses.


1. Easy to Operate

The easy-to-see LCD and buttons enable userfriendly, intuitive measurement, instrument validation, and printing operations.

Instrument validation functions have been enhanced.

  • The checks for JIS items can be performed automatically or semiautomatically.
  • Linking with a 6-series multi-cell (optional) is possible, making sample replacement unnecessary. Inspections can be performed efficiently.

2. A Variety of High-Level Measurement Modes

Equipped with a range of programs, the UV-1280 can be used for everything from photometric, spectral, and kinetics measurements to DNA/protein and high-level multi-component quantitation.

3. Data Storage on USB USB Flash Drives

Using USB flash drives makes it easy to transport analysis data and to store large amounts of data in a PC.

  • USB flash drives can be connected directly to the UV- 1280.
  • Data for spectra and time-course curves can be displayed and saved with commercial spreadsheet software.